We are Pura Verde mamas​ brought together by the "Pura Vida" life of Costa Rica.  Keri was raised in Wisconsin and Shera is from South Carolina.  Six years ago, the two met outside a small bookstore in Tamarindo, Costa Rica and have been great friends ever since.  

With its stunning coastline, tropical rainforests, and gorgeous mountains, Costa Rica's beauty has become our favorite place and inspired us both to live a more simple lifestyle.  As one of the leaders in sustainable practices, Costa Rica is truly an eco-paradise and we strive to live by example with our own sustainable and earth-friendly practices. 



"Pura Vida" is the phrase you will hear anytime, anywhere in Costa Rica.  Many use the term to say hello, goodbye, or to express that everything is good.  The direct translation, "pure life" or "simple life" is more than just a phrase- it is a truly a way of life.  

Our use of the word "verde", the color green in Spanish is representative of our commitment to environmentally friendly ecological responsible decisions and practices.  


So, by combining our passion for living a simple life and dedication to taking care of Mother Earth, Pura Verde Products was born.  Through our products and blog, we want to share our experiences and ideas that everyone deserves to enjoy no matter where you live!      

Keri and Shera



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